School Life

School Life

Since our founding in 1962, St. Andrew Catholic School has provided a faith-filled and academically rigorous experience that forms both the mind and the heart. Our faculty and staff members work together with our hundreds of students from grades K-8 and their families to create a vibrant and thriving community.


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St. Andrew Catholic School is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. All teachers are licensed by the state of Florida. The curriculum meets and exceeds standards set by the State of Florida, Common Core State Standards and the Diocese of Orlando. In Pre-K4 through 5th grade, Instructional Assistants support academics in the classroom. Grades six (6) through eight (8) are departmentalized. Regularly scheduled classes in art, media, music, technology, Spanish and P.E. provide diversity in the curriculum.

Student Performance Expectations

The Curriculum in the Diocese of Orlando is based upon the expectations of broad areas of knowledge and competence that Catholic school students achieve by the time they graduate from the 12th grade. These expectations are considered on-going student performance goals throughout all grade levels. These student performance goals are a priority as elementary schools and high schools develop curriculum and deliver instruction. (A more detailed description of student performance expectations can be found in the parent-student handbook.)

Academic Records

Copies of student records are available to any parent/guardian when requested. For students transferring to another school, the original records must be sent using the United States Postal Service according to state law. A summary form of academic record is kept at SACS for eternity.

The Buckley Amendment (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

St. Andrew Catholic School adheres to the Buckley Amendment regarding access to student records and academic confidentiality.

  1. Students may not grade the work of other students.
  2. Graded student work may not be displayed.
  3. A student should never be asked to state his/her grade aloud.
  4. Parent volunteers may not grade student work.


At St. Andrew Catholic School students are offered the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities that promote their social, emotional, intellectual, and artistic growth.

St. Andrew Broadcast News

St. Andrew Catholic School is pleased to offer a new program of Weekly Broadcast News. Students will have the opportunity to participate in this afterschool program, which will allow them to enrich their knowledge of social broadcast productions. Students will learn what it takes to create a news production, which will include: set design, filming, scriptwriting, graphic design, and editing. This club meets twice a week throughout the school year. Weekly news announcements are posted on YouTube for Homeroom Teachers to play on Monday mornings.

QUEST – Quality and Unique Experience in Study and Thought – Enrichment Program

St Andrew Catholic School offers an after school enrichment program for those students identified with high standardized test scores entering the 4th or 5th grade. QUEST will provide both group and individual learning experiences to develop cognitive skills, leadership potential, thinking abilities, and creative abilities. This extracurricular activity is by invitation only and meets once a week throughout the school year.

Performing Arts

  • There is an annual talent show where all students can showcase their God-given talents.
  • There is an annual Middle School Play where students may display their artistic talents.
  • All students have the opportunity to enter the annual Diocesan Art Show.

The Ensemble Elite

The Ensemble Elite is a group of students open to grades fourth through eighth. Each student volunteers their time to practice for performing at the student mass at Saint Andrew Catholic Church every Wednesday. The Ensemble Elite is invited each year to various events throughout the community due in part to their high reputation for spirited and soulful performances.

Creative U: Arts for Empowerment

In partnership with the Orlando REP, this afterschool program for middle school students incorporates visual art, dramatic arts, and creative writing to explore identity, empowerment, and social issues. Over the course of a semester, students gain confidence against bullying through art, creative writing & theatrical performances.

Community Service

  • Students in grades 4th -8th may volunteer as altar servers.
  • Students in grades K-8 can participate in CYS sports.
  • An opportunity for students to join the Boy and Girl Scouts is available at SACS.

Other Opportunities

  • Students in grades 5th-8th have the opportunity to run for Student Council office.
  • Students in grades 7th & 8th have the opportunity to qualify for the National Junior Honor Society.

Parish Opportunities

  • St. Andrew Catholic Parish offers a variety of opportunities for our students to participate in and share with members of the larger community that are members of the parish


If you are an alumnus of St. Andrew and you are not receiving our weekly Spartan Press, please contact Mrs. Katy Harris and update your address information.

Check out upcoming events to reconnect with old friends.


St. Andrew Catholic School subscribes to the philosophy that sports and team participation are a positive venue for building mature, well-rounded individuals to develop emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The Spartan Athletic Club (SAC) strives to teach the value of teamwork, mutual respect, the joy of participating, development of talent, a healthy sense of competition, self-discipline, and honesty in a religious/academic environment. All who participate in the athletic program – students, coaches, parents, and spectators – are challenged to act and react in ways consistent with Christian values.

For this reason, we actively participate in and support the Catholic Youth Sports (CYS). CYS has a recreational division for students in grades PK4 – 5 (Elementary Division) that offers soccer, basketball, flag football, track, and girl’s lacrosse. The competitive division for students in grades 5 – 8 (Middle School Division) offers basketball, soccer, track, and volleyball.

St. Andrew Catholic School Athletic Director – Melissa Kanouse

Concussion and Heat-Related Illness Consent

Every student-athlete must have on file at SACS a signed Consent and Release from Liability Certificate for Concussion and Heat-Related Illness form. The form includes general information as well as risk factors and protocols about concussions and heat-related illnesses.

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