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St. Andrew Catholic School is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. All teachers are licensed by the state of Florida. The curriculum meets and exceeds standards set by the State of Florida, Common Core State Standards and the Diocese of Orlando. In Pre-K4 through 5th grade, Instructional Assistants support academics in the classroom. Grades six (6) through eight (8) are departmentalized. Regularly scheduled classes in art, media, music, technology, Spanish and P.E. provide diversity in the curriculum.

Student Performance Expectations

The Curriculum in the Diocese of Orlando is based upon the expectations of broad areas of knowledge and competence that Catholic school students achieve by the time they graduate from the 12th grade. These expectations are considered on-going student performance goals throughout all grade levels. These student performance goals are a priority as elementary schools and high schools develop curriculum and deliver instruction. (a more detailed description of student performance expectations can be found in the parent-student handbook)

Academic Records

Copies of student records are available to any parent/guardian when requested. For students transferring to another school, the original records must be sent using the United States Postal Service according to state law. A summary form of academic record is kept at SACS for eternity.

The Buckley Amendment (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

St. Andrew Catholic School adheres to the Buckley Amendment regarding access to student records and academic confidentiality.

    1. Students may not grade the work of other students.
    2. Graded student work may not be displayed.
    3. A student should never be asked to state his/her grade aloud.
    4. Parent volunteers may not grade student work.