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"Our goals are college and heaven..."

Why Our School?

St. Andrew Catholic School is a Notre Dame ACE Academy, where our goals are college and heaven. Our school provides a challenging, faith-filled, educational experience that serves as the foundation for a life lived in service to Jesus, the Church, and community.

Our Beliefs:

  • All students have value, dignity, and can be successful in life.
  • Students should be recognized as gifts from God whose talents promote spirituality, service, social equality, and a Catholic response to moral and ethical issues.
  • All students should be given opportunities to volunteer and give back to society, thus learning the value and rewards of charity and community service.
  • All students should be educated in an environment that is safe, respectful, and Christ-present.
  • Students will utilize research-based instructional approaches to challenge, analyze, and interpret data, make educated inferences, apply critical thinking skills, and help students function effectively in a complex technologically oriented society.
  • Students will be prepared for the future if their education is built on the Catholic faith, academic excellence, and an understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Students are capable of recognizing and promoting positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Education should be multidisciplinary, allowing students to develop their health, creativity, and talents.

Did you know? Catholic schools have effectively served children in our community for more than a century. Research tells us that Catholic schools consistently improve the lives of their students.

Students who attend Catholic schools are:

  • More likely to graduate from high school
  • More likely to graduate from college
  • Likely to earn higher wages as an adult
  • More likely to vote and volunteer

Constitution and Bylaws

Quick Facts

  • Serving our community since 1961

  • Accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference

  • Florida – Certified Teachers

  • Multicultural Atmosphere

  • Competitive Sports Program

  • Spanish and Fine Arts

  • Morning Care and Afternoon Extended Day Care

  • Scholarships Available

  • Catholic Feeder School to Bishop Moore Catholic High School